Kristen, NP – Quality, Safety, and Value Analyst


Indirect Engager

Clinical Role

Quality, Safety, Value Analyst

Strength of Evidence

Strength of Evidence Rating 5 out of 5


Human Factors Engineering (HFE), Office of Health Informatics, Veterans Health Administration

Kristen, NP – Quality, Safety, and Value Analyst




African American woman talking on phone.

Although not a technophile, Kristin uses technology to do 90% of her job. She relies on IT to function correctly in order to allow her to be highly productive at work.

Early 50s, single                                


Intermediate tech skills               

Indirect Engager

My Relationships

In the diagram above, individuals that are darker, larger and closer to Kristen are more important to her than individuals that are smaller, lighter and farther away.

“I make extensive use of technology to interact with my colleagues regarding patient care.”

My Job

  • 6 years with VA
  • Does not see patients
  • Analyzes clinical data
  • Reports on the quality and efficacy of VA practices
  • Participated in process improvement
  • Identifies new clinical performance metrics

My Devices & Technology Skills

  • HP Desktop(Work Desktop)
  • Chromebook (Home Laptop)
  • iPhone 6 plus (Smart Phone)
  • Jawbone (Fitness Tracker)

Barriers & Enablers to Patient-Centered Care (PCC)

  • Not applicable


  • Coworkers: Indirect, In-person meetings, Phone, Email
  • Patients: Not Applicable

My Pain Points & Motivators

  • Takes too long
  • Too many clicks or steps to get to features/information needed
  • Inadequate tech support
  • Match my workflow

My Narrative

Kristin has been with the VA for six years, MANAGER after serving as a nurse in the military. She currently works as a Quality, Safety and Value Analyst at the VA Healthcare System. She prides herself on being organized and devotes a lot of time to making her job efficient. She rarely, if ever, interacts with patients, but she does analyze clinical patient data. She is familiar with Patientcentered Care approaches although they don’t impact her job very much. It frustrates her that it often takes too long to get the information she needs from the VA systems and that there is inadequate tech support when she does need assistance. Most of her work is done via phone, email and EHR systems such as her local installation of VistA.

Outside of work, she is very active in her church and has a large group of friends. Because she spends all day with a computer, she makes extensive use of her smart phone when not at work. She uses several apps, including one that syncs with her Jawbone fitness tracker. She has a Facebook account but is not too enamored with social media and rarely uses it.

My Components of Health and Proactive Well-being

This describes Kristen’s relative health and well-being attitudes. 

In the diagram above, the relative width of the three outer bands and the
relative size and brightness of the eight inner circles represent their importance to Kristen.

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