Dan – Vietnam Era Veteran


Vietnam Era Veteran

Patient Condition(s)

Depression & PTSD, High Blood Pressure, Diabetes (resulting from Agent Orange exposure)

Strength of Evidence

Strength of Evidence Rating 5 out of 5


Human Factors Engineering (HFE), Office of Health Informatics, Veterans Health Administration

Dan – Vietnam Era Veteran




Caucasian man in black shirt. he has gray hair and a beard.

Dan lives for his grandchildren. He is committed to staying healthy enough to see his youngest graduate from college.

Late 60s, divorced                          

VAMC (VFW member)

40% Disability Rating   

Priority Group 2                                                                  

My Relationships

In the diagram above, individuals that are darker, larger and closer to Dan are more important to him than individuals that are smaller, lighter and farther away.

“I use all the forms of technology at work and technology enhances the world for me. Most Vietnam Veterans are at least keyboard literate.”

My Use of VA Services

  • My HealtheVet: secure messaging, Rx refill, blue button, lab results
  • Peer counseling services
  • Smoking cessation services through the VA
  • Treatment for diabetes resulting from Agent Orange exposure

My Health Issues

  • Depression and PTSD
  • High blood pressure
  • Diabetes (resulting from Agent Orange exposure)

My Needs

  • Want to be in control of my medications
  • Make sure someone responds to me (Secure messaging and appointments)
  • Let me see all of my health records

My Technology Pain Points

  • Don’t feel that apps and websites are secure
  • Problems with sign on
  • Too much information on VA websites

My Technology Devices

  • iPhone (Smartphone)
  • PC Desktop (Home Desktop)
  • Landline

My Narrative

Dan was drafted into the Army in 1965. Following training he was deployed to Vietnam, where he served for 14 months, advancing to the rank of Sergeant. He initially engaged with the Veterans Affairs (VA) when he put his name on the Agent Orange Registry but was subsequently awarded a disability rating of 40% for serviceconnected knee, shoulder and elbow issues. Since then, he has come to realize that the events that led to his divorce 10 years ago could stem from unresolved issues resulting from the Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) he suffered since the war.

He makes about $50,000/ year as a construction foreman for a small home builder, a job he likes since it doesn’t keep him cooped up indoors. His job requires him to use a computer and carry a Smartphone, but he much prefers to use a standard landline. He has a Facebook account but only so that he may interact with his children and grandchildren.

My Components of Health and Proactive Well-being

This describes Dan’s relative health and well-being attitudes. 

In the diagram above, the relative width of the three outer bands and the
relative size and brightness of the eight inner circles represent their importance to Dan.

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