Technology Use

Five Segments of Technology Adoption

Innovators (2.5%) – Innovators are technology enthusiasts. They like technology for technology’s sake. They pursue new technology aggressively, learning about and evaluating new products in an effort to be first. They’re likely to try anything new. They’re also relatively few in number—so, for marketers, they represent a beachhead, an important source of references and referrals.

Early Adopters (13.5%) – Early adopters are visionaries, not technologists. They find it easy to imagine, understand, and appreciate the benefits of new technology. When it comes to high-tech products, they’re looking for fundamental breakthroughs, not small improvements. They care about ROI and see new technology as helping them reach a business goal in a hurry, before their window of opportunity closes.



Early Majority (34%) – Early majority customers are pragmatists. They’re ready to buy when someone else has taken the risk and worked out the bugs. Their goal is to make a percentage improvement, rather than a quantum leap. They see a technology decision as something they’re going to have to live with for a long time, so service is important. Once you win them, they’re extremely loyal.

Late Majority (34%) – Late majority adopters are conservative. They’re content to be followers, and often are not comfortable in their ability to handle new technology. They’re not going to buy until lots of others have the product, and what they’re using instead has become inconvenient. They are extremely service oriented and want lots of support. They won’t support high price margins.

Laggards (16%) – They are skeptics. They are very late adopters and may, all things being equal, never adopt. In fact, their major role in the high-tech marketplace is to block purchases by pointing out that new systems don’t deliver on the promises that are made at the time of purchase.



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