Same-day Redirect from Emergency Department to Primary Care

Clinical Domains

Primary Care, Emergency Care

Clinical Role(s)

Primary Care Provider, Provider Scheduler

Patient Condition(s)

Urinary Tract Infection (UTI)

Scenario Type


Strength of Evidence

Strength of Evidence Rating 5 out of 5

Date Last Reviewed



Human Factors Engineering (HFE), Office of Health Informatics, Veterans Health Administration

USER Goal:

Assess and provide a treatment plan for same-day access patient with an acute condition.

Scenario Description

Around 0900 in the morning, Cynthia presents at the Emergency Department complaining about burning when she urinates. The ED redirects her to a same day appointment slot in the Primary Care Clinic and Cynthia is scheduled to be seen by her Primary Care Physician at 1100. The PCP then diagnoses and treats her for a urinary tract infection.



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Cynthia, Francis, MD

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