Imaging Issues While Treating Patient via Telehealth for Wound Care

Clinical Domains

Tele-Health/Tele-Medicine, Wound Care

Clinical Role(s)

Nurse Practitioner

Patient Condition(s)


Scenario Type


Strength of Evidence

Strength of Evidence Rating 5 out of 5

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Human Factors Engineering (HFE), Office of Health Informatics, Veterans Health Administration

USER Goal:

Assess a wound via clinical video telehealth.

Scenario Description

Nurse Practitioner Ashley is a provider at the Medical Center’s Wound Care Clinic. Her appointment with patient John is being conducted via Telehealth. NP Ashley and John have been using clinical video telehealth (CVT, not store and forward imaging) at a CBOC to monitor his ulcer that has not been healing well. Stickers and rulers are used to display the margins of the ulcer and a high-resolution camera is used. NP Ashley has some frustration as the lighting in the CBOC is not good and despite the Telehealth Nurse’s best effort the quality of the video is not great, making it difficult to determine how the depth, margins and color of the wound are progressing.



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