Meghan – Post 9/11 Female Veteran

Meghan: Post 9/11 Female Veteran Persona

Quote: “I want to be a career person and I want to accomplish things and feel like I’m contributing to society, my community, and my family.”

Adjectives: Independent, Determined, Caring

Target Statement: Meghan strives to make a difference. She wants to be healthy so that she can accomplish her life goals.

Age: 35 Years Old

Location: Virginia Beach, VA

Receives Care at: Hampton VAMC (primary care) and Virginia Beach CBOC (mental health)

Narrative (Overview of her Life Story)

Meghan joined the Navy after graduating high school in the summer following 9/11. She deployed to Afghanistan as an individual augmentee with the Combined Forces Command Afghanistan. It was there that she narrowly avoided being killed when the truck in front of hers in a convoy was struck by an RPG, the resulting explosion causing her truck to flip. However, her best friend was not as lucky and died in the attack.

Meghan advanced to the rank of Yeoman First Class before leaving the service; she and her first husband divorced near the end of her second enlistment. After a couple of years, she married a Navy Senior Chief who is stationed at Oceana Naval Air Station. They live in Virginia Beach, Virginia where she works as a legal secretary. Still haunted by seeing her best friend killed, she sees a Mental Health Counselor at the Virginia Beach Outpatient Clinic. Her new husband loves her and her children. She is pregnant with her third child.

Meghan’s Devices & Technology Skills

  • iPhone 7 plus (smart phone- health & productivity apps)
  • Apple MacBook with Tiger OS (Mac Laptop)
  • iPad Mini (tablet-lots of kid apps)
  • Fitbit Charge (fitness tracker wristband)
Meghan’s Devices
Meghan’s Self Described Technology Skill Levels

Meghan’s Approach to Her Health

Items that are darker and larger are more important to Meghan than items that are smaller and lighter.

Meghan’s Approach to her Health

Meghan’s Use of VA Services

  • My HealtheVet: Secure Messaging, Blue Button, Rx Refill
  • PTSD App & VA Moms App
  • eBenefits
  • VA mental health counseling services
  • Veterans Crisis Line (via text messaging)
  • Neurology

Meghan’s Health Issues

  • Depression, anxiety & PTSD
  • TBI with seizures
  • Headaches
  • Lower back/extremities pain
  • Weight management
  • Pregnancy

Meghan’s VA Technology Pain Points

  • VA websites are not optimized for mobile use
  • WiFi is not always available at VHA facilities
  • Can’t upload my personal health data to the VA

Meghan’s HIT Needs

  • “Make it easy for me to send my provider information.”
  • “Help me with my appointments and don’t waste my time.” (time management)
  • Coordination with neurology and OB/GYN

Meghan’s Relationships

Individuals that are darker, larger and closer to Meghan’s silhouette are more important to Meghan than individuals that are smaller, lighter and farther away.

Meghan’s Relationships

Meghan’s Persona Profile Page

Meghan’s profile is available for download as a PDF in low resolution, suitable for emailing, and as a PDF in high resolution, suitable for printing up to 11×17. If you need larger sizes, please contact Human Factors Engineering.

Meghan User Persona image from Persona PDF; content is already broken out on this page.
Meghan Persona

Other Resources for Meghan

* The interview and timeline are included in the PDF download. They were created to help teams see Meghan as a realistic person and understand her world, her perspective and the details in her persona profile. While fictitious, this interview is based on the source data used to create the persona profile and validated through a fact-checking process. Please keep in mind that Meghan is NOT a real person, although every effort has been made to make her relatable and realistic. Please provide your feedback on the interview concept. We will use it to help determine if we should produce interviews with other personas. Please share your thoughts on the interview and the personas overall by completing a short questionnaire.

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