Personas are evidence-based descriptions of clinicians and Veterans to help development teams better understand their intended users.

The personas are fictional characters distilled from user research that represent the needs of larger groups of people who use VA HIT systems and mobile apps. Personas communicate user needs and expectations.

User personas are an ideal resource to help systems designers understand specific needs of the end user. See how our User Persona profiles below can inform your design choices:


Dan (Vietnam Era Veteran) Download PDF
Meghan (Post 9/11 Female Veteran) Download PDF
Byron (Post 9/11 Veteran) Download PDF
Philip (WW II & Korean Era Veteran) Download PDF


Debra, MD, FACG (Intermittent Engager: Gastroenterologist) Download PDF
Francis, MD (Direct Engager: Primary Care Physician) Download PDF
Kristen, NP (Indirect Engager: Quality, Safety, and Value Analyst) Download PDF
Pamela, RN (Direct Engager: Nurse) Download PDF
Vera, RN (Direct Engager: Women Veterans Program Manager) Download PDF

Understanding Individuals

Veterans, family caregivers and health care providers use and act on the information and features provided via VA’s HIT products. If users cannot find what they need, understand what they find, and use applications effectively, efficiently, and safely, they will not be satisfied, will abandon use or will employ potentially unsafe workarounds.  To improve care and outcomes, HIT products must work well for the people who use them.

HFE conducted extensive user research to collect information on VHA clinicians, Veterans, and family caregivers who use VHA services.  An analysis of this data resulted in the creation of an initial suite of Veteran and Clinician personas for use by both teams who are considering building new applications or enhancing an existing application.

Additional Resources

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Source: Putting VHA Personas to Use in Your Project*

*Link to VA Network may not be accessible to some users.