Below are a collection of standards, guidelines and policies that inform the development of VHA technology products.  The scope of items included range from international guidelines to VHA specific standards and policies.

This is a preliminary list which will be updated over time. If you have items to add, please contact us.

VHA Specific

Abstract Source Category
eHMP UX Guide Recommendations – Clinical Scenarios (Vanderbilt University) View Source Guideline
Essential Medications Information Standards (VHA 1164) View Source* Policy
Pharmacy Terms Glossary Design Standard (VHA 1164 Appendix C) N/A Guideline
Reducing the Use of Social Security Numbers (VA 6507 and 6705.1) View Source (1)

View Source (2)

Tier 1 Graphics Standards (U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs) View Source Standard
Web Accessibility  (VA Section 508) View Source Standard

National, International, and Federal

Abstract Source Category
Ambulatory Health Care Patient Safety Goals (NPSG.01, NPSG.03, NPSG.07) View Source Guideline
Design Guidance for Medication Lists (Microsoft) View Source Guideline
Federal Plain Language Guidelines View Source Policy
Patient Identification (ONC SAFER Self-Assessment Guide) View Source Guideline
Technical Basis for User Interface Design of Health IT (NIST GCR 15-996) View Source Guideline
Ten Usability Heuristics for User Interface Design (Nielsen) View Source Standard Methods, Templates, and Guidelines (HHS) View Source Guideline
U.S. Web Design Standards (18F, GSA) View Source Guideline
Web Standards and Usability Guidelines (HHS) View Source Guideline

Additional Resources

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