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Scenarios of Use are descriptions of activities meant to represent a typical user’s experience with a product or application.

A scenario could be as simple as asking a user how to locate a particular item in an application or a set of questions testing various features and functionality of an application.  The scenarios included should serve as standard references for development teams when creating and executing a usability protocol or designing and running a usability test.

By creating strong scenarios of use, development teams can run effective usability tests that will garner meaningful results and improve the user experience and usability of VHA’s HIT products.

Learn how to create effective clinical scenarios by downloading our white paper:

Developing the Most Effective Clinical Scenarios for Usability Testing

Use Cases

Patient Record Search (PRS) Use Case

Based upon a Primary Care Provider (PCP) [User Role] in an outpatient visit [Setting] needing to access patient health history information [Task] by using the ‘Search’ functionality of an Electronic Health Record (EHR) [System/Application] within a clinically realistic environment.

Test Cases

Safety-Enhanced Design (SED) Criteria Test Case

Test and validate the safe, efficient and effective use with regard to the Safety-Enhanced Design (SED) criteria.

Scenario Storyboard Examples

Storyboards are generally low fidelity mock-ups that can provide a context of use and detail the interaction between a user(s) and system(s). The focus is on the flow and how that impacts the user’s experience, generally with a triggering event, process/decision and outcome, or a story’s beginning, middle and end. Storyboards can be used to both explore and express requirements.

Storyboard Examples: Primary Care

Storyboard Examples: Specialty Care

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