The UX Guide supports contributions from the different roles and perspectives essential for a human-centered health IT projects; this includes UX and human factors professionals, project team members, Clinical Informaticists, and VA clinicians. The inclusion of these various perspectives enables better communication and cooperation among the stakeholders of human-centered design.

If you are a UX professional, a human factors engineer, or a Clinical Informaticist you can supplement the HCD Methods Library by providing resources and materials that you have found useful in project work. You can also submit scenarios and personas from previous health IT projects that may be useful to other project teams.

If you are a VA clinician you can provide recommendations to improve the Personas and Scenarios representing your area of practice; or you can add your name to the HFE clinician volunteer list and participate in a future scenario development exercise for in a health IT project.

Anyone can provide feedback and recommendations on how the UX Guide could better serve the mission to improve user experiences with VA health systems.

Below are projects currently underway or about to be implemented. Requests for more information about a project or to participate in a project will be forwarded to the project lead.

Current Projects

Journey Map Development (Pilot)

Pilot the development and use of Journey Maps to represent current-state and future-state Veteran experiences with VA health services. This effort is intended to inform project teams of the value, limitations, and requirements for developing Journey Maps.

Resource Collection for Human Centered Activities

Collect resources available to VA project teams for use in human-centered activities. Resources and materials are being evaluated and organized (in the HCD Methods Library) to encourage their use in the design and assessment of VA health systems.

Supplementation of UX Guide Libraries

Supplement the UX Guide Libraries with evidence-based scenarios and personas developed within and outside VA. Artifacts are collected and evaluated for suitability in the design and assessment of VA health systems.

Usability Toolkit

Develop a Usability Toolkit for designing and assessing CPRS Clinical Reminder Dialogue Templates. This effort will provide solutions to common usability problems, as well tools for assessing template usability.

Human-System Interaction Principles

Collect and publish principles of human-system interaction related to health IT. This effort is expected to support health IT design and assessment by providing evidence-based guidance on common needs of clinicians to find, interpret, and act on clinical information.  

Publish Glossary of Terms for Human Centered Design
Publish shared a glossary of terms related to human-centered design, human factors engineering, and health IT usability. This effort is expected to encourage the use of a common vocabulary among members of project teams and stakeholders of a human-centered design process.