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User Personas are fictional, yet realistic representations of a type of user likely to interact with a product or service in the VA healthcare delivery system.

They are data-driven, with each persona representing a unique set of characteristics related to how users interact with a product or service. Personas can vary both in detail and in specificity to a product or services.

Clinician personas will likely be associated with a specific clinical role and service, describing day-to-day interactions

with patients, colleagues, and the health IT system. Veteran and caregiver personas will often be associated with the specific needs of care, but they may also represent different technology preferences and different ways of support networks are used.

User personas enable the project team to establish an ‘empathetic bridge’ to their users. They can provide a quick, preliminary understanding of the intended users of new teams – particularly prior to investigating user needs. User personas are particularly helpful in providing an immediate perspective of various user types when considering potential capabilities or design alternatives.

Cynthia – Post 9/11 Female Veteran

Attributes: Early 30s, Single, Urban VAMC, 20% Disability Rating, Priority Group 3

Patient Condition(s): Diabetes; Respiratory, neurological, and autoimmune symptoms; High blood pressure; High stress

Patient Synopsis: Cynthia has high expectations of herself and others. She has built a successful business, but leaving it to serve began a cycle of stress.

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Dan – Vietnam Era Veteran

Attributes: Late 60s, Divorced, VAMC (VFW member), 40% Disability Rating, Priority Group 2

Patient Condition(s): Depression & PTSD, High Blood Pressure, Diabetes (resulting from Agent Orange exposure)

Patient Synopsis: Dan lives for his grandchildren. He is committed to staying healthy enough to see his youngest graduate from college.

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Meghan – Post 9/11 Female Veteran

Attributes: Mid 30s, Married, VAMC (primary care), CBOC (mental health), 96% Disability Rating, Priority Group 1

Patient Condition(s): Depression, Anxiety & PTSD; TBI with seizures; Pregnancy

Patient Synopsis: Meghan strives to make a difference. She wants to be healthy so that she can accomplish her life goals.

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Philip – WW II & Korean Era Veteran

Attributes: Early 90s, Widower, Veterans’ Hospitalng, 80% Disability Rating, Priority Group 1

Patient Condition(s): Heart Disease and COPD, Early Dementia, Sensory Neurological Loss

Patient Synopsis: Philip is nearing the end of his life. He lives to share his experiences and memories with those close to him.

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Byron – Post 9/11 Veteran

Attributes: Late 30s, Married, VAMC (AmVets member), 90% Disability Rating, Priority Group 1

Patient Condition(s): Depression, Anxiety, PTSD, Substance Abuse

Patient Synopsis: Byron is in recovery. He spends each day strengthening his health so that he can rekindle his marriage and help other vets.

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Betsy Johnson

Betsy Is a schoolteacher. Her husband passed away a few years ago, and she currently lives with her daughter. She also has a son who lives in a different city.

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Debra, MD, FACG – Gastroenterologist

Occupation: Specialty Physician

Facility Type: VAMC

Clinician Synopsis: Debra is constantly on the move either working or embracing her healthy lifestyle. She relies on technology to allow her to extend her reach. When IT fails it can prove very disruptive.

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Francis, MD – Primary Care Physician

Occupation: Primary Care Physician

Facility Type: CBOC

Clinician Synopsis: Dr. Francis is trying to keep her work-life balance while handling the stress of a busy job on the frontlines of the VHA.

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Pamela, RN – Primary Care Nurse

Occupation: Nurse

Facility Type: CBOC

Clinician Synopsis: Caring for people is not what Pamela does; rather it is who she is. She needs technology to help her help people, not get in the way of that.

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Robin, PharmD. – Pharmacist

Occupation: Pharmacist

Facility Type: Rural VAMC

Clinician Synopsis: Robin is passionate about patient safety and dedicated to her work. She relies on technology to assist her in helping Veterans, and wishes that VHA’s technology tools could make helping people even easier.

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Ronaldo, MD, PhD – Psychiatrist

Occupation: Mental Health Provider

Facility Type: VAMC

Clinician Synopsis: Ron believes that the focus should be on the patient and not the technology. Both the provider and patient should be discussing the patient’s goals to optimize their care and personal wellness.

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Vicki, LPN – Primary Care Nurse

Occupation: VAMC

Facility Type: Urban VAMC

Clinician Synopsis: Vicki is passionate about providing health care for patients. Medical care has become reliant upon technology,and when technology fails, we all fail.

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Kristen, NP – Quality, Safety, and Value Analyst

Occupation: Program Analyst

Facility Type: VAMC

VA Staff Synopsis: Although not a technophile, Kristin uses technology to do 90% of her job. She relies on IT to function correctly in order to allow her to be highly productive at work.

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Vera, RN – Women’s Program Manager

Occupation: Maternity Care Coordinator

Facility Type: VAMC

VA Staff Synopsis: Vera uses every available resource coordinating care for pregnant Veterans, including her own limited time and personal relationships.

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