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Scenarios of Use Library

Scenarios of Use are fictional, yet realistic patient-care situations that describe the user’s perspective interacting with a health IT system.

Scenarios can include contextual information about system use, such as the user’s goals in that situation, relevant aspects of workflow and task-flow, and aspects of the socio-technical environment that could impact system usability. Most scenarios in the UX Guide Scenario Library were developed by, or in partnership with, VA clinicians. These scenarios describe the aspects of patient care, clinical work, and interactions with health IT systems that are meaningful to VHA clinicians.

Scenario vary in their level of detail. Brief scenarios provide an overview of the patient care situation; they can be used as a starting point for further elaboration. More detailed scenarios describe common user actions and decisions required to achieve goals effectively and efficiently.

Scenarios are intended to be technology agnostic, meaning they avoid referring to specific applications or products. This enables scenarios to be used broadly or adapted to meet specific needs of a project team.

The user perspective represented in a scenario compliments other important representations of a clinical system (such as workflow or information flow). Although scenarios are essential for testing usability, they also can give project teams a human-centered perspective across the project life cycle; to better understand requirements, arrive at an effective design more quickly, or assess the readiness of a system to deploy a new product or service.



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Clinical Domains: Primary Care

Clinical Role(s): Primary Care Provider

Patient Condition(s): Low back pain, Pain running down leg, Sciatica

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