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Methods Library

The Methods Library is under development. Feedback on existing methods and recommendations for new methods or resources is welcome.
The UX Guide’s Methods Library is intended to provide project teams with guidance and resources to carry out various human-centered activities.

Methods in the UX Guide Library are organized by when they are usually carried out in the human-centered lifecycle. Some methods can be carried out with little or no training; with just the tools and guidance provided in the library. Other methods will require some training and practice to be carried out effectively.

Many human-centered design methods are quite technical and require an experienced practitioner — such as analyzing highly specialized work, modeling user interactions, or predicting user performance on a proposed user interface. It is often useful for project teams to be aware of these technical methods and to understand their purpose in a human-centered design process.

UX Methods

Heuristic Evaluation

Heuristic evaluation is an inspection method in which a group of evaluators review an application or website user interface using a standard set of usability heuristics to identify potential usability problems.

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