Design Patterns

Solving Common Problems

User Interface (UI) design patterns are recurring solutions that solve common software user interface and interaction design problems. As such, a pattern could be as simple as how to present navigation in a mobile application interface or as complex as how to facilitate medication reconciliation in an electronic health record (EHR). Design patterns serve as standard reference points for designers and development teams and, when consistently applied, result in a consistent user experience across a suite of apps.

All users expect a cohesive and consistent user experience from a single organization and Veterans, caregivers and clinicians are no exception. For example, if a Veteran is refilling his or her prescription using My HealtheVet, they expect that experience to be consistent with the experience to refill the prescription using the RxRefill Mobile App and to use the same prescription status terminology in print outs provided by their clinician and displayed on pharmacy signage at the pick-up window. Assuring Veterans and clinicians this type of seamless experience is daunting; applying a standard library of UI design patterns contributes heavily to overcoming this challenge.

We’ve provided several design patterns below that you can use in your next project:

Primary Navigation for Apps on Mobile Devices

Patient Identification