Veteran Health Administration (VHA) – Human Factors Engineering (HFE) championed and led the development of this User Experience (UX) Guide for VA Health IT Systems.

The UX Guide is part of the VHA HFE mission to promote a Human-centered approach to design, develop, and deliver VA health information systems. The Human Centered Design process is essential to optimize user experiences, improve clinician effectiveness and satisfaction, and ultimately provide better care for Veterans.

The UX Guide was developed in partnership with other organizations including: VHA Health Solutions Management (HSM), VHA Informatics Patient Safety (IPS), and Vanderbilt University’s Center for Research and Innovation in Systems Safety (CRISS).

We consider the UX Guide to be a key part of an ongoing and emerging collaboration between the Human Factors Community, the VA Health IT Community, and the Informaticists and Clinicians of the VA Medical Centers.

User Feedback

So while the UX Guide is an evolving collection of resources for Human Centered Design, it also exists within a community of experts, developers and clinicians who have new insights and challenges that can help shape the discipline, the research, and the UX Guide.

We really encourage our users to give feedback:

  • General Comments
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  • Recommendations to improve this site
  • Suggested topics for research (This may be in form a “proto-persona” or rough scenario of use which may be developed further by other researchers)

Please go to the Contact Us Form and submit your questions, comments and ideas.

Submission of Content for the UX Guide

We also encourage the wider UX Community to submit relevant content for consideration of inclusion in the UX Guide. The Content will be reviewed for appropriateness, fit and relevance to the UX Guide, rated for Strength of Evidence, and assessed for readability. If needed the UX Guide Reviewers may return the Content to the submitter for suggested changes.

Please use the UX Guide Submission Form with the Content for consideration attached.